Passed PMP on 7 jun 16

I am glad that I have cleared the exam today. A big thanks to this community, which was vital. Here are my lessons learned.

Books used: mainly PMBOK and RITA. Used Head first for some time. RITA made many concepts clear to me.
Training: Used Company provided one.
Mock test: every thing out in web that are free. I believe if you are constantly touching 70+ in the mocks including oliver than you are ready.

Exam is mixture of all kind of questions. So you cannot say this mock is good and others is not.

For me after some point I learnt a lot from mock test then on books.

Please don't get frustrated when you don't answer tough question posted in forums or other sources... Just remember those questions are actually tough and it is being discussed to get more learning from it...

Managing your time and energy is the key. Please practice it. Attend many mock test as much as possible. I did not memorize itto but used a good app PMP summary to skim through it while regular travelling

Please read all the LL posted by people who failed... That gives more details than who passed..

All the best for the future PMPs.

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Congratulations and thanks for sharing !!!

Please what summary did you use to skim through ittos? Thanks

I downloaded a android app named "PMP summary". It is only with ITTO. It has 2 line description of all the ITTO mapped with respective process areas.'s picture

Ii it 3 months sufficient for pass the exam??

My target date is 1st week of Oct,16.



It depends on your skills and amount of time you are planning to give every day. Try free mocks in between and gudge based on the scores.

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