Passed PMP 5/26/10

 I passed the PMP yesterday and am extremely happy as I was preparing with kids. First of all I just wanted to thank my kids for being so cooperative ;) and helping in the kitchen.

Prep materials: I started reading in this order:

1) PMBOK once with notes and second time before exam quick read, consulting in the middle whenever i got a wrong question.

2)Rita: Read and did chap q's once

3)Headfirst: I found it to be the best book, interesting and easy to follow.

My prep time was two months and I spent 4 hours daily. I could not spend more time and couldnot postpone. The exam was full of situational questions. Alot of questions on wht TT to use in a particular situation. Some input questions. Do not forget to see all the diagrams and figues in PMBOK and make sure what they mean.

In the end, I'd like to say that I enjoyed the test though I was scared of the ending...luckily after the long white screen wait I saw Congratulations and it made my day.

I'd like to thank effectivepmc for their free test, deepfriedbrainpmp for excellent articles, pmstudy test was good too. Special thanks to this website for providing usefull LL info.

Good luck to all!


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Congratulations on this achievement and thanks for sharing the LL