Passed PMP on 3rd May , 2010


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It gives me great pleasure to announce that I have cleared the PMP in the first attempt on the 3rd of May, 2010. As is the case with many of the individuals who have been a part of this forum, I feel obliged to contribute in my own meager ways, my experience through the journey that finally paid off on the 3rd of May, 2010.


I work as a project lead for an organization engaged in providing outsourced services to its clients, and as such project management and PM practices form an integral part of whatever we do


The Preparation:

The idea of taking an attempt at the PMP exam first took shape in November, 2009, however, the actual preparations started only in February, 2010. The first stop was to get acquainted with the PM process and framework by attending a PMP prep course. Part of the objective was also to gain those quintessential 35 PDU’s that form part of the eligibility criteria. The books I referenced while preparing for the exam , in the intended order are:



Rita Mulcahy’s


Though there were a lot many brilliant suggestions on the choice of books, suggested by many aspirants, based on their individual experiences, my hectic schedule didn’t allow me to indulge in any more than two reference materials. The prep schedule comprised of a daily 2-3hrs of study after work hours for the months of february and march. Starting April, the preparation included attempting questions and simulation tests from various sources (Rita’s, Kim Heldman, Oliver Lehmann, Head first, QAI question bank). PM Zilla helped a lot in terms of aligning my strategy with many of the aspirants, by way of LL posted by individuals, ideas shared and the practice questions available. Almost all of the reading references ( Rita / Kim H/ Headfirst / O Reilly etc) provide for good reading material , however , the idea is to grasp any book in entirety , and then if need be and if time is at hand , you may move on to others for knowledge augmentation or re-iterations. For me, PMBOK and Rita proved more than enough , provided one is able to grasp every aspect of the written word .


The exam, in its true sense, tests your application knowledge of the subject, and hence can be a difficult one for those who do not fully understand the PM processes. Understanding is of vital importance than memorizing, and this is what the aim of the exam is, “to test your application knowledge of the subject”. Consider yourself prepared if you are scoring anywhere between 80% -90% in the questions banks available. I wish all the aspirants the very best for the exam, and hope to be able to contribute in as many ways I can by way of my own experience.


Rahul Biswas

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Congratulations Rahul . Very well writteng LL. Thanks for sharing