Passed PMP - 24 Jun'13

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 Hello All,

Like many others, I am a silent follower of PMZilla Forum which I would like to thank for providing many valuable resources for Exam Prep. In particular the notes by Rajesh T, Anil C and others.. 

After going through several threads on this forum, I made up my mind to take a simple approach for preparation. So just stuck to two books:


2. Rita's 7th Edition

(3) Head First - Used as reference only when any topic was not clear in both 1 & 2 

I sat down to work out a study plan to go through PMBOK and Rita in parallel (chapter wise) and stuck to it until completion.  For the second time, I ran through only Rita.  Many a techniques mentioned in the book really works... Yes it works ! 

I didn't memorize ITTO.  But had thorough understanding of key tools for all KA and in what scenario we use them.  Process group wise I was able to list down key Outputs based on the understanding of process flow. 

Gave special focus on 'numerical questions' as get them right increases the chance of passing.  It really helped.. got around 25 - 30 questions (mostly on EVM). Two weeks prior to test,  I started writing down all the formulae everyday in the morning including Pg 43. This pratice helped to 'dump' them on answer sheet in 14 minutes ( all formulas, Pg 43, PM Powers, Conflict source/resolution, Risk responses, Quality tools, HR motivational theories).

In my experience, PMP as a exam was not tough to study.

What's really tough is: 

- Overcome the 'stress'

- 'Focus' to read the Question and understand what they really ask

- 'Recollect' the concepts you grasped and use them to select 'PMI perspective answer. 

All within that magical '4 hours' .. I felt that's what make most people fall into the pit even though they have studied well. 

Concentrate on some of these areas and you are sure to see ' Congratulations !!! on your screen :)

  • Contract types 
  • EVM Calculations
  • CPM based Q's
  • Qualtity tools, Quality Control vs Assurance
  • Crashing / Fastracking
  • Risk responses
  • Conflict resolution

Having postoponed the exam once in Jan'13 , it was a DO or NEVER DO AGAIN for me. Glad that I made it...   

Thanks to my family, friends, fellow forum members for making it possible.. 

Good luck to all striving to make it before 31st July !! 

Now looking forward to prepare for RMP.. if Budget is approved :) 


Venkata Ragavan Shanmugam, PMP

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 Congratulations Venkata on your PMP. Good post here.