Passed PMP 1st Attempt. Thanks to PMZilla forum


I cleared the examination with Proficient in 3 areas(Planning, Executing, Monitoring & Controlling) ,MP in Initiating and BP in Closing. I studied for 2 months and started my preparation by first fixing my exam dates. I used to check in pmzilla forum for information which could assist me.

I didnt buy any study guides like rita, headfirst etc. nor did i buy an exam preparation questions. I went through the PMBOK and tried to understand each of the concepts(Google assisted me). I cant talk about the exam since against the PMI ethics. But I can suggest,

Read PMBOK once atleast

Try as many sample questions possible(i used only free sample available in net)

Clarify the questions which you have answered incorrect.

I never retook an sample question more than once, i just tried new and different everytime.

Please dont lose confidence if you score less than 70% in any practice exam.

Keep the golden rule in mind while taking the exam "PMBOK is always right", even if it differs from our performing organization PM practices.

ALL the best to new takers.

Keep Smiling

Senthil Rajan

Hello Senthil,

First of all congratulations to you. Would you highlight which all free mock tests you took and how much did you score in them? Do you recommend any? I am also reading PMBOK but would also need lots of practice.



Free realistic PMP certification questions here

No registration required, just pure practice and learning !

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Congratulations senthil..

Can you please suggest the sites swhich you used for questions?


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Congratulations Senthil 

Before i jolt the down sample questions which i took, i would like share few thoughts,

I never scored 80 or mor in any sample test as recommended by many and as mentioned i took only free sample questions available, most of those(wouldnt like to name them) were meant to confuse me rather than clarifying me the concepts.

First Point:

I was very much sure that PMI is not so stupid to populate questions to confuse us in the real exam, their thought process would be are we clear on concepts. Keeping this in mind i was confident even when i was getting low scores in sample test that i would clear in my first attempt.

Second Point:

The exam is gonna be in english, then how can they confuse me or us. We know the language and can understand it better. Only thing is our effort to read the questions as appropriate to what we understand or realize with adding any ASSUMPTIONS.

I got Proficient in Planning, Execution and Monitoring & Control, which many of them said was tought areas to target. Now for my scores.

Christopher Scordo 1100Q (75%)

Oliver lehmann 75 & 175 (70%)

pmstudy 60%

passionatepm 72%

iZenbridge 100 Q (70%) and 15Q(60%)

headfirst 50%

Examstudy 60%

few more which i wouldt want to name and waste of time. I would definitely recommed Christopher Scordo, Oliver lehmann(helps you to understand the concept) and iZen bridge. If you can score 70% first time, you should be ready provided if you follow the two points mentioned above and the golden rule "PMBOK is always right".

Please dont wait for anyone to tell you(i see most of the blogs and websites trying to caution us rather than motivate). Zoom ahead you will win.

Keep Smiling



Thank you so much Senthil..Your information is indeed very helpful and motivating..



Hi Senthil,

   Congrats on your successful completion. I have taken only one sample test -PMStudy and scored 75%. Planning to do 800 Scordo Questions this week. I have been preparing for 2 months - 3 hours a day. Do you think i ll clear the exam? Forget to tell - My Exam is on 08/17






Dear Senthil,

Congratulations!!! Thank you for shring the info.

I am not able to find the Scordo mock exam online. Can you plese provide the links or email me at for all online full-lenth mock tests that you recommend? 

My exam is on 27-Aug. Very close....

I have read the PMBOK once and Rita's book once. I took Lehmann's test yesterday and scored 78%.

I had taken PMA classes (sponsored by my company) and took their 2 sifferent mock exams and scored 83% and 87%. 

Thanks in advance for your help.

- Sachin

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Congratulations for your PMP Exam and thank you for exploreing iZenBridge contents.

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It is really motivating us to get PMP. Simple and excellent guidance for PMP aspirants. My exam on 28-Aug-2016.

I will follow your strategy to pass the exam and to keep this scores as benchmark.

I bought izenbridge online training which is really good. After that i will start PMBOK and study for 15 days. then start Rita and study for 15 to 20 days. then i will go for mock exam until my exam date.

Today i purchased PMZILLA tough 200 questions.

This is my 3rd and final attempt for PMP.

First - all BPs

second - 2 MPs and 3 BPs

Hope - all Ps in 3rd attempt on 28-08-2016

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Numerous books contain practice exams, and a few others are available online. It is a excellent idea to take a practice exam in order to test your knowledge of the concepts. Full mock exams should also help you recognize your areas of enhancement. Throughout your study, repeatedly take different mock exams to become more well-known with the material and surer about your test-taking tactics. If you can time after time score 85 percent in practice exams, then you should feel confident about the real exam.

Updated PMP with latest questions and answersis here Pass4sure PMP

That's very good. Congrats!

Those who want to read the experiences of recent PMPs can look at the following link.

PMP Experience

Good luck.

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Firstly, Congratulations :-)

Thanks for the useful information and I am very happy to read the whole information.

I would love to share few more study materials that helped me a lot.

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Hello Senthil

Congratulations on your success in getting your pmp in 1st attempt. I hope you had your project management training with atmost support from your trainers or fellow men
I once again congratulate you for your success and keep up the good work I wish GoodLuck

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