Passed my PMP exam, thanks

Hello friends-

I am extremely delighted to share that I passed my PMP exam on 29th January 2016 and this was my second attempt. I am extremely thankful to Rohit and Markus who answered my query and guided me here:


  • I started my preparations since last year in February and completed 35 hours of contact hours from Seed Infotech.
  • My target was to pass the PMP exam in April 2015 but because of my ignorance, no seriousness and poor preparations I attempted the exam in May 2015 and failed.
  • I then thought to try another attempt before the exam changes i.e. before 11 January 2016 but I was again late to get the slot here and could not make out.
  • In December I found this forum, iZenBridge and started following people and their advices. Thankful once again to Rohit and Markus.

My preparation this time:

  • With one failure I learnt the importance of PMBOK and hence I am sure I must have read 3-4 times in last 3-4 months. There is no doubt that its bible for PMP exam.
  • I also read Rita book and Kim Heldman, not really every line but referred them when needed.
  • Watched Saket Bansal's videos from iZenBridge.
  • Among the mock test I just tried the free tests from PMP Exam Simulator, iZenBridge, PMStudy and PMZilla. However the turning point was when I attempted the free test from PMZest, I secured just 56%. I realized that I still have to find more gaps and went ahead and purchased all their mock tests. Slowly my score moved from 56% to 67% in PMZests tests which gave me lots of relief.

About PMP Exam (new pattern):

When I see at broad level the question type still remains 100% same (since I have attempted and failed earlier). I did however find few questions based on new additions on KPI, CMMI and Agile. Not many numerical question, but they were around 5-6 on CPI, SPI, TCPI, CV, SV etc. Two question were there on network diagram for calculation of critical path and float. I saw lots of question on Risk, Conflict management, procurements and project charter. I took one break in the middle but was able to complete the full test in 3:40 hours only. I did not mark any question for review and this was the tip given by Anmol Sinha from PMZest.

Thank you all for reading my PMP journey which ended with happy note. Please do not worry for the new changes and the exam. PMP exam is not that difficult, what is needed is firm goal to pass this and non-ignored preparations. People who have failed in this exam, read my story and build confidence to try another time.

With lots of wishes,
Inderjeet, PMP

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Congratulations Inderjeet and thanks for this wonderful post




Wow, another LL here with my name. It seems I will become a famous personality in some days. Thank you PMZilla.

Well done Inderjeet , you deserve the success. God bless you and good luck for your career ahead.

Rohit, PMP

Many thanks Admin and Rohit.

Inderjeet, PMP