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Dear Team ,

I failed in my first attempt so this time I want to be more careful. I already go through following :

1. Rita book

2. Head first 

3. Rita PMfast track ( 2 times whole 1600 questions  , in forst attemp got average 62 % but in second attempt almost 81% overall)

4. Oliver lehman 175 question

5. PMP game by Mr Manoj ( 100% pass) plus Amir afridi 's rita game ( 90% success)

6. Head first online exam : 82%


Now I have following questions:

1. I will go for further test or not ot should try Rita Pmfast track again

2. if I go for more test then what to choose --free or paid. 

3. if free then which site I should prefer or paid then which site as there are long list . I am very much confused 

4. For watching online video, which is best

waiting for your expert comments




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For free questions you can refer to this link

You can add one more paid test to your list, preferably not Rita's exam, since you have already taken that test and you know the questions. try PMZilla 200 questions paid if you have time. 

Videos - are available , check this 80+ Online Videos and Text Tutorials / 

I am assuming you have glanced through this link

You can read this post



Hi there 

Sorry to hear that you failed. However don't loose hope. There is always a second chance.  For your studies this time around, you can download our free app 'PMP Exam Mentor' for content about all the 5 Process Groups and 10 Knowledge Areas, Project Framework topics, formulas, and tips. You can then revise your knowledge with our 688 free flashcards and 1200 questions to practice extensively. It should be useful with your studies. You can download it here

Good luck with your studies

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