Online Courses Comparison

Hello All,

I need to take an online course to meet the 35 Contact hours requirement. 

I am considering the following online courses. They all are similarly priced. Does anyone have experiences/thoughts that they can share for these courses? Thank you.



PM Study 



PM PrepCast 




PM Champ



Any thoughts are appreciated. Thank you.


The options u listed just have the 35 contact hours, and minimal support (if any). You can also look into PMP online classes, which cost a bit more but has 100% pass guarantee. I took my course from for $499, and it was pretty good. I passed my PMP on the first try. You can try it out, and let me know how it goes.

PM PrepCast offers you the most flexibility as once you bought the package, it is yours FOREVER (i.e. without the time limit (often 30 days or 90 days) of other products). Also you can download the podcast files to your iPhone, BlackBerry or Android devices and take them absolutely anywhere you go without the need of an internet connection.

Also, PM PrepCast offers you 300 PMP questions for you to practice and many study aids. You will gain access to a private discussion forum where the instructor, Cornelius Fitcher, will answer your questions directly. Over 26796 students have enrolled and enjoyed the program!

Plus, you may have periodic discount, e.g. in Dec 2013, it offers $18 discount from the retail price of $179.99. Do bookmark this page for reference.

I have done detailed review and comparison of 6 popular online courses. It includes comparison of PM Prepcase and PMStudy. You can read it here - Best PMP Online Training Course.

If you are looking for reasonably priced, but good quality, online courses then you should read this article - Cheap PMP Training Courses. This article has review and comparison of 8 courses that are under $99. It recommends 2 courses that you can buy. You can get these courses for only $50.

Good luck.