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What is true for statistical sampling

Statistical csampling can be used to verify for each individual item in a lot, weather it can be accepted or must be rejected

2.Attributes sampling means collection of quantative date showing the level of confarmity for each item of a sample.

3.Variable sampling includes collection of quantative data on the degree of conformity for each item of a sample.

4.Statistical sampling is commonly used in quality assurance to examine if items of a lot conform to quality standards.


Whats the right answer

The whole question is rather ambiguous so you have to focus carefully on the wording,

4. Is definitely a true statement.

1. Is false - sampling by definition does not include each individual item

2. 3 I don't like as sampling per se does not show level of anything, it's just data.

Noted: The word USED in answer 4 - it's the key word in the whole question!



Does Oliver not provide answers or explanations to his questions?