Negative perception towards PM methodology

Hi everyone,

i just had my kick off meeting with the stakeholder (most of them are technical team). During the meeting, i did mention about WBS, network diagram, activities, risk and issues, etc all PMP-related terms and tools. We spent few days to come out with the WBS and timeline.

The project is about new system development and few of the stakeholders had done almost similar project before. During a tea-break in the workshop, I overheard one of the stakeholder mentioned to his friend that the PM tools I was using are all nonsense and he could do it in much easier way to complete the new project

I  felt dissapointed to hear that but i still continued finishing the meeting until the end.

My question; have you encountered this kind of perception before? how do you guys handle it? how to eliiminate negative perception towards pm methodology?



Well, I did not hear anything negative about PM tools. But I have noticed that no one uses PM tools properly and there is a lot of gold platting going on (since I am in construction industry) and interestingly tools like MS project are only being used to pull schedules...

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 Since its a new system development.... stakeholder may be expecting more adaptive methodology or tools... since many predictive lifecycle tools does not show good result in adaptive environment. 

Have a look at agile methodology... you may like it... 



 ok cool...i shall take a look at agile methodology then

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 You may like to start with this video here i tried to point out difference between defined and empirical process.  Since new product development is empirical in nature.