Need recommendations for taking second time

Hello All, I took the PMP exam last month and unfortunately did not pass. I am gearing up to take it again in another week and half (before the new edition) and before my application expires.

The first time I took the exam, I walked in feeling very prepared and knowledgeable. I walked out feeling completely beaten down. The test was not what I had prepared myself for in the least. I have attended two boot camp training sessions and taken multiple practice exams (scoring in the mid 80's). What else can I do to prepare? I purchased Rita's book and plan on reading that non-stop over the next week, but any other recommendations? Thanks for any assistance you can provide.


I am very sorry to hear that but I really appreciate your courage to take this challenge again. See even PMI says its quite a difficult exam (that's why they give us three attempts) but let me ask you one question, were you confident at the first go? Besides being prepared and knowledgeable... Just go through my LL, its a good move that you have bought Rita's book but just try to take some time out for yourself and give your mind some rest do something which can release it from this pressure. Also when you go for the second attempt while at the terminal understand each and every word, break the sentences , understand the situation and place yourself there and then answer from PMI's perspective and while in the simulation exam also just be cool headed and confident and pray to god , I am sure you will clear this time. Just be confident and Pray (god will be with you there). Just go through my LL if you can.



Bhupesh Mansukhani, PMP