My PMP Journey (Passed 03 April 2016)

Just passed my PMP test today on my first attempt. My experience is on business application and more on technical consultant and in the last 4 yrs got my experience as project lead in my company.  My total working experience is 15 yrs anyway. Therefore pretty much familiar with project management. Interested with PMP to improve my profile in project management as career enhancer and option if my technical skills value are declining in the future. Last year contacted 1 of PMP education company in middle east but my problem I couldn't sacrifice my weekend and family time for the training. Around November last year, applied to PMI to attend the PMP exam and my application expired actually since I couldn't get PDU. I looked for any online training that can provide PDU to attend the exam. Found ( I think They affiliated with as well) which offer trial period. Tried the trial first (3 days) and feel comfortable and paid 76 USD for 60 days online training + 40 hrs PDU. As asked to get 40 hrs PDU by them, read PMBOK and registered the PDU to PMI. After this registered for the exam which is today. However, I was starting to spend time seriously in the last 6 wks. I have gone through all the training materials and exercise in each units. I have done 2trials online test. Unfortunately because I was starting late my time was finished and couldn't complete last 2 more trial test from them. After passing the first online training, I still have some few wks. I don't want to add more days with them since I felt it is not worthed the money (almost all finished and only 2 trial test remaining). I looked on my android phone and find some application there. I installed PMP pocket prep, PMP steps, and PMP ITTO. Paid 26 usd for complete questions list for the PMP pocket preps and some few dollars for PMP steps, and less than 10 usd for the last. However, the most beneficial in my opinion the first then the last. I answered 1450 questions with 76% mark on PMP pocket prep. Went through PMBOK 2 times.  Yesterday, tried free 30 questions in PM zilla got 77% a day before that tried Olivier Henmann for free and got 75%. Tried Head first free test and got 83%. Today, done my PMP test with below achieved initiation P, planning MP, executing MP, monitoring and controlling P, and closing P.

Hopefully this beneficial for you all. For me this journey was short and the cost is pretty much less (compare if joining my first option) and still keep my life balance. Alhamdulillah.



Indonesian and currently working in middle east.



Many congratulations for your success.

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit, PMP


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Congratulations on your PMP.  Thanks for sharing here.!!!


What are change in new PMP exam ? Is there any new topic , process or tools ???


Pl. update me for the changes of new syllabus . I am planning to appear in 1st week -May.

Business case which require more understanding of concept is very important. I feel remembering only is not enough. Sorry, couldn't elaborate more.

Hello Anwar,

Congratulations on your PMP and thanks for sharing your PMP Journey here. It's reallay helpful for PMP aspirants.

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