My PMP Exam prep notes

I visit the PmZilla forum occasionally but almost every day in the past two weeks and listening to experiences from others has helped me a lot and I want to thank every one of you!

I recently took my PMP exam successfully and would like to share my experiences.

My 2 cents:

  1. Read PMBOK.
  2. Make your own notes as you read individual PMBOK chapters.
  3. Avoid Rita’s book (from exam perspective).
  4. Rajesh Nair’s notes cover everything comprehensively.


My 12-week Study plan: 


Week 1: Chap 1 & 2

Week 2: Chap 3 & 4

Week 3: Chap 4 & 5

Week 4: Chap 5 & 6

Week 5: Chap 6 & 7

Week 6: Chap 7 & 8

Week 7: Chap 8 & 9 & 10

Week 8: Chap 11 & 12

Week 9: Review thoroughly the Chap related to Scope, Quality and Risk

Week 10:  Three 200 Qs 4-hour simulation and Rajesh Nair’s notes.

Week 11: Three 200 Qs 4-hour simulation and Rajesh Nair’s notes

Week12: Take the PMP exam.

Note: As long as you get 70% or more on any of the simulation exams (Exam Central, PmStudy etc.), you should be good.

Areas to pay special attention: Scope, Quality and Risk and of course the EV related formulas.

Good Luck!!!

This is a pretty awesome article, these questions are really hard as well, this is getting on my nerves. - Marla Ahlgrimm