My long marathon for PMP...

 Hello Study Buddies,

My quest for being a  PMP started in 2009.I bought PMPrepcast by  Cornelius and Rita Mulcahys book to start with.But my preparation never got realised.
1)PMPrepcast took me elsewhere [ may be thats not  my style ],drive and listen [never] and not PMBOK oriented at all.
and never got to even start Rita's book or the PMBOK.
2)My PM in office never even let me breathe and sleep,forget study.Everything he used to delegate to me,himself only booze and smoke and used to make unrealistic
commitments to customer with goldplating.I am referring about a PM in an top MNC,which bagged even lot of federal projects in USA.Dont know how these people survive
and who feeds them to stay.It added more fatigue to me rather than skills.The sponsor was a coward and my esaclations never worked.
3) 35 hours for the eligibility was never achieved.
The quest again started in Sep 2010 .I am with a new pm team now  who are all  good and there is better coordination.That old PM is history but had scars.
 My husband encouraged me a lot to start it again after I was depressed after my sister visitors visa was rejected  and I have not
been seen her for past 3 years.So having a goal ready I pounced upon getting the 35hrs to immediately book the exam date.
1)I enrolled in and it was so cheap and awesome.
Cornelius cost me $99 just for a 35 hrs PMknowlege and did nothing for me .Why do PMs have to be rich?? I also ask Rita for her book and fast track cd.
$1000+ $100+ $400 for exam booking. The money hit me hard and did giv me  a morale boost.
2) 10th Oct I started Proxalt and within 25 days  I finished my course ,bagged the 35 hrs.
3) Applied for  the exam and got audit  notice.Audit took 1 full month and it was bad!!I was unhappy and it took some of my prep time :(
4) Jan and Feb read PMBOK,RITA .Then came some personal commitment which led me to postpone exam until June.
April and May I studied really hard, managed my time well and sometimes it was hard as I am a mom of a 2yr old .
5)PMBOK IS THE BIBLE.I read it  8 times and beleive me I discovered something new to grasp everytime I read it .Never got bored of  it.Loved it.
6) Rita 's book was good only for 1st time for me.VERY VERY demotivating.Why does she  curses/mocks  every1?A PM sud be motivator.....
It scared me a lot ,though  most the end exams I scored well.The way she explains seems like I am a tot and then again she tells if u have  not created WBS u sud  not 
pass the exam.But yes  her fasttrack is a good 1,questions are PMstyle.But again got burnt seeing a same set of qusetions over and over again in chapterwise as well 
as  final mocks.I  respect and thank her  a  lot in the tricks of trade part of the book.
7)KIM Heldman book was good  with the mock exams to clear up extra concepts.Though I never scored more than 65% in them.
8) Headfirst pmp was fun to clear up cost management and critical path concepts.Thanx a lot to  this book.
9) Skimmed through Joseph Philips book.It was a good  one.
[Kim Heldman,Joseph Philips and  Headfirst were taken from my local Library]
10) Rajesh Nair [ thanks a lot for ur notes, Sir ] and Chowdhury [ Ur tip of reading ITTO even in restroom time :)] served me gr8.
 These are the who are real  motivators and contributes a lot to PM practises.
11)Deep fried brain common concept clearances by some pmps
12)My hubby  : thanks a lot for ur cooperation,support,help - My Kid : Thanks sweet pea  for  giving me the much needed mommy time...
Rita's pmp and chapter tests [ 60-75 ] .Its pmp style. 
headfirst labs [ 85 ]
pmstudy free [ 85 ]
oliver lehmann 75 [ repent that i took it , failed 2 times ]
exam central [ dont remember , but too good for confidence ] 
1) Exam was at 12:30.Could not eat a lot,ate some cereal  and was so nauseated.I was actually burnt out ,may be overstudy.
2) Exam was tough [ taking everything to considerations,50 questions were 5-6 paras,4 grueling hours and waiting for a positive outcome after hard work ]
3) There were easy questions too,maths was good 10-12 of them
4) Completed 200 in 2 hrs exclusing the biggies and maths. PMBOK helps!
5) 15 mins dump of itto,formulas helps but not a whole lot.
Dont memorize them guys,read them and u will reemenber if u understand.
6)Tools ,techniques,PMIsms are important.
7) Took 3 breaks
8) was shivering during the last 20 mins when all the done.Reviewed few questions again by random sampling.
9)total 50-60 was for review.Few qusetions was tough in the sense that it took time to eliminate all 4.U will think all 4 might be correct depending upon the PM
10)Ritas tip of smiling and deep breathing helped.I was burnt out and was telling myself now or never:)
"Congrats" message after those 4 hrs and all this prep is so sweet
Thanks a lot to the LL guys [ motivated me so well ] ,
i used to read them while eating.
No offense to any 1,afterall every book is different and every person too.We all hav our +ves and -ves too.
Best of Luck to all you ppl to take the exam,may all ur hard work reap sweet fruits


Congrates, really hard fight! It gives me moral boost as I am in similar situations (not as hard as your though:))