Memorize PMBOK Pg 43 and Brain-dump sheet

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Do you have an easy logical way/method to memorize PMBOK Pg43? Also, can you share your brain-dump sheet for the first 15 mins of the exam? My email address is

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I remembered in this way:

Scope,Time,Cost and Risk has 2 process groups those are Planning and M&C

Itegration managemant has all the process that is from initiating to closing

Communication management has first 4 processes  means no Closing

Procurement has last 4 processes means no Initiating

Quality has  middle 3 process Planning,Execution and M&C

HR has just 2 process-Planning and Execution.

First try to remeber this high level group.After that try to fill each sub processes.

I dont know if it would help you but worked for me.:)


 Hey, thanks for the input however, I am able to remember the entire table i,e, KA's and PG's. Also did a logical matrix to remember how many processes are in each KA and PG. I need to find some logical way of remembering the actual 42 processes and which process falls in which bucket.


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Memorize ITTOs is so hard, there are some TIPs help you easier:


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After reading through all knowledge areas from PMBOK, I don’t think we need to memorize Page 43 it will automatically get imprinted on your mind.


For braindump, I found this link to be helpful


Its my experience too.

I passed my exam in 2nd attempt.

On the day of 1st attempt - even I could not write 43 page, and failed

While in second attempt - I cancelled to write 43 page and formula in tutorial time , because it were by heart. I was so confident.

and I wrote, there 42 mnwmonics citations (self made - uploaded in PMP MATERIALs in PMZILLA main page) for 172 T$Ts.



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Page number 43 in the PMBOK guide which contains the 42 Project Management processes. I believe the best way to learn and memorize all the processes is to get a deep understanding of the purpose of the process, you need to ask yourself Why? how? and when? to apply the process. If you learn the concept it will be much easier for you to learn and apply the processes in project management.
Also, since PMI keeps updating the PMBOK guide it will be better if you learn the process using the latest PMBOK edition (PMBOK 6th Edition).

You can check out this article link, it will help you learn about the latest changes in the PMBOK 6th edition.

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