Manoj's ITTO Remembering Tool


 every time i click the TT it beeps and doesnt showup anyhting.


Does anyone know the working url to Memorize ITTOs base on PMBOK 5 th.

the link

is not working


 does not do anything

did you drag and drop items into ovals? may be some explanation is reqiured how to use the tool..

good one though




please let us know how to use this tool

Really i could not use it as intended by me.

Early reply anticipated


Drag the respective Input, tool and output and drop it on the corresponding banner

Thank you Manoj. I am registered to take the PMP in a few weeks and have been struggling with the ITTOs. After reading the previous comments to see how it works, it is an awesome tool. Nice work.


As for constructive critisism, identifying the ITTOs at the bottom is not totally clear since they are so small and blend into the background.


Thanks again.


I started using it  today, I'm struggling to remember I/O and I decided to try this one. Thanks for this amazing tool, very interesting I love it !!!!! I will be writing my test in July.

Thanks and million thanks, you saved me!!!!

This is a very good tool to test your memory of ITTO.  Would be great  is if the arrows worked to progress to the next instead of having to go back to Main and start over.  Also, the ITTOs at the bottom of screen could be more defined (too small and blend in background).   Otherwise very good :)

Under risk the Ouput  is Risk managemnet plan not requirements management plan. Please correct it.

in the I/P it's Scope Base line not Schedule baseline, and Risk management plan not requirements management plan, please fix it.





Hello.  You have incorrectly put "Requirements management plan" as an Output for Collect Requirements.  It should be an Input.

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