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Question 1:  Which of the following is NOT an activity type in Project Management?

a) Level of Effortb) Unplanned effortc) Apportioned effortd) Discrete effort 

 Question 2:  A new Project Manager takes over a project during execution phase. One of the main issues faced by the project currently is that the customer complaints of poor visibility of the project. What should be his first step towards resolving the issue?

a) Have a discussion with the customer to understand why he feels the project lacks visibility.b) Hold a discussion with the team members who have been in this project since beginning to understand customer specific communication needs.c) Go through the communication management plan to understand customer communication requirement and whether it is being addressed properly.d) Project manager should first understand the project and go through project management plan to understand the project properly.

Question 3:  Your project team is involved in estimating cost of the project as a part of project cost management. Which of the following tool and technique will NOT be applicable for the purpose?

a) Cost Benefit Analysisb) Reserve Analysisc) Cost of Quality d) Vendor Bid Analysis

Question 4) You are a Project Manager managing a large team at diversified locations. There are many groups within project like architects, human resources, legal, quality engineers etc with their own hierarchy and reporting structure. To ensure that each team member has clarity on their own and other members reporting structure you decide to capture all this information graphically. You would be using which of the document for the purpose?

a) Project Organization Chartb) Resource Breakdown Structurec) Organization Breakdown Structured) Resource Assignment Matrix   


Question 5) Which of the following statement DOESNOT describe the essence of Integration Management in context of Project Management?a) Balancing of competing objectives and the exploration of alternative actions.b) The processes and activities needed to identify, define, combine, unify, and coordinate process and project management activities within the Project Management Group.c) Integrating different components from the development cycle to create the final deliverable.d) Managing interdependencies among Project Management knowledge areas.  


Question 6: You are a project manager in a construction company and urgently require some expert welders for short duration. You checked about their availability internally with functional manager but he is not able to match the skill set required by you. You decide to acquire these resources on contract. Which is the BEST type of contract for your requirements?a) Cost Reimbursableb) Fixed Pricec) Time and Materiald) Cost Plus Incentive Fee


 Ans Q 1) (b) Unplanned effort.Explanation:The activity type can be described based on the type of effort involved as either Level of Effort, Apportioned effort or Discrete effort . There is no activity type like unplanned effort. Option (b) Apportioned effort indicates effort that specifically and directly on the performance of other efforts. For example the quality assurance division within a major corporation wholly reliant on the performance of the manufacturing team as a whole and would represent apportioned effort. Option (a) Level of Effort (LOE) is a support type project activity which must be done to support other work activities or the entire project effort. It usually consists of short amounts of work which must be repeated periodically. Examples of such an activity could be project budget accounting. Option(d)Discrete effort refers to the effort that can be directly traced and identified to completion of the project-related work breakdown structure components as well as the deliverables.   


Ans Q 2 (c) Go through the communication management plan to understand customer communication requirement and whether it is being addressed properly.Explanation:Since Communication management plan details communication requirements of all the stakeholders, he should first ensure that the plan is being properly followed. Option (a) and (c) can follow later. Option (d) though true is not relevant to the situation.Refer PMBOK 4th Edition Chapter Project Communication Management PN 257.

  Ans Q 3) (a) Cost Benefit Analysis.Explanation:Option (b) Reserve Analysis is a analytical technique to determine a reserve for budget, estimated costs and funds for the project it is an important technique in the process of estimating costs. Option (c) Cost of Quality is the sum of all costs a company invests into the release of a quality product and can be a used to prepare cost estimates. Option (d) Vendor Bid Analysis can also be used as a technique to evaluate the project cost based on responsive bids from qualified vendors However (a) Cost Benefit Analysis is a technique that compares positive factors or benefits with negative ones to determine the net result of doing the action. It is a popular technique for project selection method but will not be useful during cost estimation at activity level.Please refer PMBOK 4th edition Project Cost Management PN 171 for more details 

Ans Q 4 (a) Project Organization Chart.ExplanationProject Organization Chart is a part of Human Resource plan and displays project team members and their reporting structure. Depending on the project requirements, team size and their reporting hierarchy this chart could be highly detailed or broadly framed.Please refer PMBOK 4th edition PN 223.


Ans Q 5 (C) Integrate different components of development cycle to create the final deliverable.ExplanationIntegrating different components from a development cycle to create a final deliverable is an example of Software integration management used in software development projects. During this software integration phase, components from different development module is integrated into one product and tested. Whereas Integration management involves making choices about resource allocation, trade-offs among competing objectives and managing interdependencies among Project Management knowledge areas ie options (a),(b) and(d).Please refer PMBOK 4th edition Project Integration Management PN 71.

 Answer Q 6 (c) Time and MaterialExplanation:Since the requirement is short term and project manager wants to have a brief and quick contract Time and Material is best option. Time and Material contracts are most suitable for staff augmentation, acquisition of experts etc.Please refer to PMBOK 4th edition Project Procurement Management PN 324 


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