Jobless PMP...

I got my certification over 6 months ago and I have a hard time getting a PMP job here in US. Is it because:

- 1 I'm not IT or construction but General business ?

- 2 I don't have a US degree?

- 3 I got mainly my experience overseas?

- 4 I'm too old (53)?

- 5 All of the above?

 I plan to get a certification in finance to beef up my resume, and to try to sell my knowledge to SME.

I will appreciate if someone can tell me what's the best to do.

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My 2 cents , even though I may not be in position to advise you. First - You are not too old, people want experienced individuals whom they can trust. 

If you are doing any other certificaiton, ensure that its in the domain you are interested in . , or you have worked before. Just getting a certification may not help.

From the interviews you have given try to get feedback on what could have prompted them to hire you. Is it because of any of the above reasons you have stated or something completely different, which you have not imagined.

53 Years old Experienced and Certified Project manager is definitely of value in any market. Its just a matter of time. 



Thanks for your response. You're right: I had a meeting with Robert Half and the local recruiter told me I'm employabke [$30, $50]  but the local market is tiny. I may have to move to NY.My major is finance but I never used it at professional level: just business...