iCertGlobal Basic PMP Course?

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Has anybody used icertglobal Basic PMP course as I am planning to take it for collecting PDU's.

Is the course useful (Other then PDU's) or i should add few more dollars and go with PMStudy Online course. ?

Since PMstudy PMP online course is time tested and proven, I would highly suggest you to go for it. PMstudy online PMP course is regarded as one of the best online courses for more than a decade. For discounts on PMstudy course, visit Encertify. Being a partner of PMstudy, Encertify provides great discounts on PMstudy PMP courses.

I actually did the icertglobal training in a room with 3 other people but I found the presentation slides too PMBOKish - meaning you could read the PMBok v5 and written the PPT's yourself. Icertglobal even gave me a 3 failed attempts at the PMP Exam and they would refund your money!.

I still have the email and I actually failed once; did the Icertglobal; failed the exam again; studied harder and read PMP Head First and this highlevel gave more information than Icertglobal.

sure, if you want to get PDU's go and study the Icertglobal.