I passed PMP on 05 Oct 2010

 I have been a follower of this site for quite a while now and it's time for updating my lessons learned for the PMP exam.

Exam experience

My exam (and when I am talking about my exam I mean my set) had mostly lengthy questions and I have to admit that after half and hour it broke my confidence and I knew it is not as easy as I thought. I used all 4 hours of my exam except for last 3 minutes which I spent praying. not only the questions were lengthy the choices were very close, close to a point that it annoys you. In short, I think this exam should not be taken lightly. 

Scores: Proficient in Executing and Monitoring and controlling. Moderately proficient in all others.

My Preparation

Duration: 4 months, 3 hours on weekdays and 8 hours on weekends.

Books: Rita Mulcahy, Kim Heldman, Brain friendly guide, PMBOK (3 times)

My Rating of books:

Kim Heldman: This one helped me the most in the exam, the concepts are really detailed.

    Pros: Good content, Learned lot of new things in a nice way.

    Cons: Too Big, less questions (although the quality of questions is pretty good).

Rita Mulcahy: Nice book but I don't like the tone of the book and in real exam there was lot of stress on ITTO which was not clearly defined here.

     Pros: Quality of questions is good. Exercises are good too.


     Cons: Not a very nice tone will make you feel like that this is the best book in the world.

Brain Friendly: I just loved this book, good for numerical questions and concept. I would suggest that use this book as a starting point of your PMP preparation.

     Pros: You will enjoy reading it. Numerical and critical path explanations are too good. Don't miss it.


     Cons: Questions are too easy does not reflect real exam. Topics are not detailed enough.

Mock tests

Brain friendly: 90% (Midway through my preparation)

Oliver: 69% (midway during my preparation)

PMStudy: Test 1(free) (78% - without revision, casual) Test 2(paid) (81.4%) Test 3(paid) (81%) Test 3(paid) (80.57%) Test 4(paid) (82%)

Andy Crowe: 87% 

and Others, At the end I was getting 80%-90% consistently in all the exams (I did around 4000 questions in total)

Exam tips

1. Be calm and be positive. There are a good chances that you might get an easier set. So smile when you start the exam.

2. Take a coat with you. It was chilling the exam room and it was a distraction for me.

3. Don't underestimate the exam but don't over study as well.

4. Try to understand concepts, memorizing things will NOT help you.


Good luck for future PMPs






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Congratulations Amol and thanks for sharing your experiences and opinions with this forum.