I passed, I passed, I passed.....

Hi all,

Having been successful in attaining the PMP today I wanted to share my experience as a thank you to everyone who shared theirs. I have 5+ yrs experience as a PM & PMO, working with PMBOK but no formal training. I purchased the PM Prepcast (God bless you Cornelius) and listened to this while commuting to work for two months. I also spent around 2hrs per day reading the PMBOK (including appendix & glossary), Rita & Andy Crowe (2 x each). I kept a document where I constantly updated gaps in my current knowledge. It ran to about 30 pages and I read it once a week. The night before the exam I knew I was ready when I was comfortable with all the concepts. My braindump was all formulas and the processes, but I did not memorize the ITTO's. In preparation, I did find several free online examinations which did not seem aligned to the 4th edition PMBOK, or the given answers just seemed wrong. In these cases I immediately stopped using these materials as I felt they would do more harm than good to my confidence. The exam was straight-forward and matched my expectations. I marked around 20 questions for review and actually finished the exam in 2hrs, including review time. I took no break although I originally planned to. I achieved all Proficients, except for two moderately proficients in Initiation & Professional/Social Responsibility. While this approach won't be right for everyone - I honestly felt that reviewing every question for the remaining 2hrs would just make me second guess my gut instincts which I know and trust. Finally - my best advice is walk in the room with the vision that 4 hrs later you will be . It will help you relax and focus on getting what you came for. All the best, Daedalus PMP

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Congratuations Daedalus and thanks for sharing your exp., in this forum

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