How to make Project Management Plan for Fixed Cost, T&M, CR project ?Also to calculate total cost for these 3 types of projects?


  1. Do someone know as how to make project management plan for
  • Fixed Cost Projects.
  • Time & Material Projects
  • Cost Reimursable Projects.

       2. Also , how can we calcuate total cost of each of these 3 types of projects.

       3. Can we use Agile in Fixed Cost projects , if yes then how can we make agile project managment plan

           for fixed cost projects.

      4. How we make agile based project management plan generally and calcuate the cost of project.

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 The type of the contract does not determine how you make a PM Plan. Whether its fixed price or T&M, you must check what is the schedule, cost allocated and other important aspects. Follow the standard approach to finalize the scope then develop schedule , cost and staffing plan. 

Total cost of any project will be sum of Direct  + Indirect Costs + Applicable taxes. 

3. Agile projects will have different project management plan, it may be based on SCRUM or other methodology.

4. Same as above.