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I have a question on PMP Renewal. I’m in the third year of my PMP cycle and I already completed 60 PDU’s and renewed the PMP certification. Currently I’m in the process of completing Lean six sigma black belt certification from MSI. I started the six sigma certification during my second year of PMP cycle, but due to the project workload I’m going over the training materials only in the last 2 months (during the third year of PMP cycle). If I report the PDU’s for this course with the start date in the second year and end date in the third year, will the PDU’s be allowed for carrying over to future cycle as it is mentioned that only the PDU completed in the third year will be allowed to carry over.  I’m not sure whether the start date and end date of the course should be in the third year of PMP cycle in this case (Even though I enrolled for this certification in my second year, I did all the preparation and work only in the third year).

Also has any one completed Six Sigma certification? Does anyone know how many PDU’s are usually claimed for this course? Thanks in advance for the response.

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Yes you can but read the norms for claming at PMI site.

You can claim normal PDU's which is fix in the slot for six sigma certification.


Md Javeed,PMP

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yes you can carry forward PDUs