Free PMP practice exam engine that attempts to predict when you are ready to test. With tens thousands of free questions - Skill

Cool find:

From the site:

Skillset is a way to assess your knowledge and improve your readiness to sit for a number of certifications. Skillset offers tens of thousands of free test questions, currently for the CISSP, CEH and PMP exams. These questions are categorized into the specific skillets required for the exam, so you know where you are strong and where you need to study more. You can chose to drill on any single or multiple skill, by creating custom tests via the test builder. Questions are further subdivided into difficulty level: beginner, intermediate and expert.

While you practice, Skillset uses a fairly accurate algorithm to determine when you are actually ready to sit for the exam. How would you like to not guess, but KNOW that you are ready to sit for an exam in advance? You can with skillset.

Best of all, its all free. Not freemium, not almost free, not free now but pay later, but free.

If you have a moment, give it a spin:

This skillset website is very useful. Thanks yobo for sharing.
I have started to take progressive tests for PMP certification.