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I have my PMP exam scheduled on May end,  completed revision of PMBOK (2 times) and Rita (Once). Following are the scores so far: 

PMZilla Free 30 qns - 50% (Did the test after the first revision of PMBOK)

PMStudy (200 qns) - 68%

Rita Chapter wise tests - 70 - 80%

I am planning to do one more revison by reading each knowledge area in rita and the corresponding chapter in PMBOK book.
In the meantime, could you please let me know what are the free competetive sources where i could take the full test?

If you are looking for some good questions to try, must try Pmzest and Oliver. See the links to access their free tests below:



Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Nair, PMP

Hi All,

I have taken 7 mock tests from Scordo and scoring between 75% - 80%.

I took PMZest free test and scored only 52%.... and PMStudy free test--62%... 

I have my PMP exam on 28th April (only 10 more days).. and planning to take more mock tests for improvements..

Is PMZEST really useful for taking the mock exams....

Could anyone advise if I should be buying PMZest and PMStudy Mock Tests... will it be really useful for improvement.  Please advise how to overcome my knowledge gaps.








Hello Shash,

Both Pmstudy and Pmzest (old name is pmpforsure) are good sources and they are old providers. You can choose them if you have found the free test useful. Decide based on the free test you took, especially when you see you find more gaps from them or make more learning.

Taking test is one aspect of preparations. If you feel you are lacking the knowledge, refer PMBOK section to find those missing gaps. You can make some hand made quick notes and write them down on paper. This technique helps a lot, believe me!

Thanks & Regards,
Rohit Nair, PMP

Dear Rohit, 

Thanks for sharing your expereince in the journey for becoming a PMP  


Jaydeep Chakraborty PMP

nice web

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