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PMBOK Section: Manage Stakeholder Expectations
Process Group: Executing Process Group
Question Type: Calculation
Knowledge Area: Communications Management
Difficulty Level: Hard

Question: You are managing a telecommunication project. Three project teams are working for you. Each team contains four engineers and a team lead. The job requirements is such that there is no requirement for cross-team communications; every person is only communicating within his team. Only team leads are reporting to you, and in situations where information from one team is required to be passed on to another team, this information goes through you. How many communications channels do you have in this scenario?

A. 36
B. 30
C. 33
D. 120

Hint : To simplify the mesh, there are teams each having 5 members, then there is another management team containing you and the three team leads.

Correct : C
Reference: PMBOK4 - pg:253

Explanation: Each team contains 4 engineers and a team lead. So the total number of internal team communications channels are 5*4/2 = 10. Since there are three such teams, so the total of all internal team communications channels is 30. Since three team leads are also reporting to you and not with each other, that adds three more communication channels. So the total number of project communication channels is 33. Choice C is the correct answer to this question.

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