Fortune Favored the Brave…. Mission PMP Accomplished.. :)



It's my pleasure to share with you all , with the Almighty's grace I've cleared PMP exam today,  This success would not have been possible without the support of my family, friends and my mother’s blessings.

Like most of the aspirants, I too have been a silent contributor on PMZLLA, but wanted to immensely thank the people involved in this awesome forum. This forum provides a great platform with meaningful resources & encouragements for PMP aspirants and for those who are PMPs. Again, thanks for having this forum!  You guys are truly amazing!!!!.

My Journey:

Around Aug last year, first read a couple of chapters from RITA  and planned to complete the exam by Dec 2012. So, filled the necessary documents and submitted my application.  Got approved from PMI in three weeks, however due to personal commitments and a very hectic 120 hour working week schedule I could not focus on the study plan.

Time was passing by and the load was increasing at work., it was getting extremely difficult to get my act together and focus. I was conscious of the fact that come July my one year membership would expire and then I would have to renew it, and on top of it I would have to prepare for V.5 of the PMBOK.

In April I decided to go for it come what may.. despite of the hectic work schedule I started spending a couple of hours a day however late it could be in the night..  had a couple of breaks in between due to my travel schedule. It was at this stage that I thoroughly enjoyed the company with Cornelius Fishner (Full marks to him) he simplified the process and the road map for me.  I use to get up/ sleep listening to his podcast.  

It was in June that I thought i was running out of time and had scheduled my exam date even though I was not even 20% ready.  (not the right approach to put pressure on oneself but I had no choice) after working for 12 hours a day  I use to come back home and spend another 4 – 5 hours minimum to get the concepts correct. PMZILLA was very handy to me at this stage as i use to follow every post and try to correlate that with my current study plan. I  must also honestly confess here  I have derived motivation reading all the success stories on the forum, and that would drive me to give more than my 100%... thank you all for sharing ur stories..:)

Based on my gut feeling I scheduled the date for the 6th of July and wanted to go for it all out.. (Just backed my natural instincts)  would have hardly slept for 3 - 4 hours a day in the last one month or so ( not a good appraoch at all. definitely not recommended as it takes a toll on ur body)  spent close to 120 hours in the last month preparing  in parallel with my work as my gut feeling said it was doable, and fortune favored the brave hearted effort...

Study Notes:

Went thru multiple study notes (Rajesh Nair, Anil T, PMStudy, PMPforsure,etcc) for me PMBOK was  a good sleeping pill, I really had a hard time going thru it. Since it’s the bible we have no choice but to skim thru it at least once.  I found RITA, Andy & headfirst easy to grasp and digest.

Mock Exams:

RITA all process areas

PMP for sure

PMstudy 1 (free Version)


PMP Lite Mock Exam (total series)



Exam central &  


My Lessons learnt based on my Prep & Exam Exp:

Belief in yourself, I guess this is 90% enough to pass the exam.

 Follow regular study pattern

( Do not read too many books (As others have said, exam is not tough but it's tricky so usage of two books especially in that PMBOK has to be one of those)

 Do proper time management in exam.

 Inspite of all notes available, do have your own notes, they will always be leagues apart.

 Follow the posts of the top contributors who have posted in this forum.

You may not need any paid websites, use the one's that is freely available and of course these are of really good quality. If you would still want to have one then either PMSTUDY or RITAFASTTRACk would be one of the best bet.  (just my opinion..)

After attending the questions, review why you made those mistakes and please take a note of those as at the last moment they will be really helpful.

Book for the exam when you are at least 50-60% confident as by booking you will give enough time to feel confident to stretch for 100% confidence.

And above all “Understanding of the PMBOK is a MUST”.

To sum it up, this is one of the most grueling & emotional experience anyone can go through as there were many roadblocks that me and my family  faced  I want to thank everyone (AP) again for being with me during this journey, my family, friends for their encouragement  without each and every one of them and God, I would have not be able to achieve this awesome accomplishment.

I wish all of PMP aspirants a successful journey and most of all, encouragements that YOU can definitely do IT, Thousands have done it in the past , I have done it and so can you…

I finally can put an acronym next to my name!  a gr8 feeling indeed..




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 Good write up , Congratulations !