float question 2

Activity A has a duration of 6days and has 4 days of free float. The ES of the successor activity, Activity B, is day 18. If Activity A is delayed by 7 days, What is the adjusted ES of Activity B?

1.25 days
2.21 days
3.31 days
4. 11 days

please help me with the above question. i did not get how to arrive the answer. hoping someone will reply

Answer is B - 21 days

Adjusted ES of B= Original ES of B+Delay of A-Float of A = 18+7-4=21



Ans is B, Rajesh from where did you get all these questions...can you share all questions or can u send them in email

Hi Chandra,

You do have a very good understanding of the Float calculations. How did you get this formula and where can I read more as I don't have a good understanding yet of the Float related calculations.

Please help and Rajesh if we could know the source of the questions ... that would be great.



There is no formula.  I just mathematically deduced and showed how to compute from the given information.  Some explanation:

Float is the buffer/cushion you have to get the project tasks going per schedule and use it, if necessary to account for unexpected/unanticipated delays from derailing your project from the scheduled completion.  Here you are delayed by 7 days.  Luckily you have a cushion of 4 days from A built in when the schedule was developed. so overall you will now be affected by 7-4 =3 days.  So everything else gets shifted further by 3 days.  So your original ES of B which is 18 days gets bumped up by 3 more days resulting in its adjusted ES to be 18+3 = 21 days.


That was very good explanation.



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