float question

activity A has a finish - to-finish relationship with activity B. Activity A has a duration of 10 days. activity B has a duration of 9 days with a 3 day lag. what is the total duration of activty a and B?

1.7 days
2.8 days
3.12 days
4. 9 days

please help me with the above question. i did not get how to arrive the answer. hoping someone will reply

Answer is C - 12 days.

A has to Finish inorder to B to finish

A starts on Day 1 and will complete on Day 10

B starts on Day 4 ( 3 days lagging behind A) and gets completed in 9 days- at the end of 12th day

By the time A already completed.




Activity A and B have FF relationship

Activity A and B has FF relationship...so both will complete together....

Since A will take 10 Days and B will take 9+ 3(Leg time)=12 days...so both will finish in 12 dyas...