Flash cards

 I wanted to get suggestions on which terms or info would be most important or useful to start putting on flash cards. One of the LL's mentioned 400 cards made and used successfully (I need to check back to find who it was).

Ah Although I realize I should just start with the Gossary in PMBOK. But i shouldnt be memorizing them if I read LL's correctly.

I can make the cards online and share. Thanks for this supportive community. I still have my boot camp in 2 weeks and I feel I'll learn more here. 

 So far planning to spend a week per chapter. 

 Is it important to learn the definitions from Pmbok? Or is understanding the concept of terms or being able to recognize the term looking at the definition enough. I guessing its not enough. Just hoping someone suggest an easier way that is helping them or has helped them.

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Find all 534 project management terms and definitions located in the PMBOK® Glossary (Fifth Edition 2013) here.

If you are studying for the PMP® exam, you can use this site like flashcards to help you memorize the definitions.