First time "GO" with the PMP, passed 8/4/14 "THE DITTY"

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Hello fellow PMP's and Aspirants! I passed!

Initiating: P
Planning: MP
Executing: MP
Closing: P

I took my test today at the Prometric center in the USA. I do have to say it is one of the most difficult tests I have ever taken. I have been studying since January 2014, I mostly was just skimming my study materials then. I ended up taking a Project management course for my bachelors degree and the bug bit me. So other than the course from college, I didn't do any bootcamps or pay for classes or materials.

I had a lot of project experience before hand from being a construction superintendent, but am glad I had the course to organize my methodology. So, I was always watching and chiming in once in a while to this PM site. This site has great information that will help any aspirant for the PMP or CAPM. OK since I passed, like any good PMP I will document my lessons learned on my study plan:

Materials I used:

PMP for Dummies, Cynthia Snyder - This really is a great book. It was the one I read and skimmed countless times for about 6 months, until I really bared down in June to study for the test. I would say it is on par with Rita.

PMBOK 5 - I read this about through 1 time, and skimmed 4-5 times, mostly I just highlighted

Free PMP instructional videos from YouTube were the best!

I would like to give credit were credit is due to Saket Bansa, hopefully got your name right, from iZenBridge Consultancy. His videos and the ones from his staff were by far some of the most informative ones to supplement my instructional needs. I loved the CPM, Dependencies, Lead and lags, Quality, EV, and other numerous videos he produced. Just from him there are hours of free material, that is good quality and right with PMI doctrine. If you need a supplement video for you book studies, Saket is the way to go, if you want the "one stop shop."

The second best single video, I would say was the way that Ricargo Vargas explained the 47 processes from the PMBoK 5th Edition. His explanation really helped the process flow come together for me from his explanation. Again, he was right on the money with the PMI doctrine.

There were others to like SirGhanttAlot, and Dave Litten,these were good quick videos for EV from a different perspective.

Some of the videos from PM Study, PMChamp, ProjectManagerVideos, and Aileen Ellis for supplementing inbeteen.

For interaction that helped me with the ITTO process, I used the pmexam itto game. I played it everyday for about 2 weeks, really helped out a lot.

Practice exams: I did the practice tests in PMP for dummies, and I downloaded Apps in Google play that were free, and did free ones on the web, I probably did about 2000 Questions, of course they aren't like the PMP exam ones, but it gives you an idea. All the ones I used were FREE, I didn't pay for them.

For my actual timed study plan, from January to May, I would study about 5 hours a week. Then, when I applied for the PMP exam, I would study from 3-6 hours a day starting in the middle of June to my date.

Now for my test day: I arrived at the test center about 45 minutes early because I live an hour away, and traffic is bad where I live. I went in, did the usual check your ID's get the wand treatment, TSA style search. I then go in to the test bank, and they give me my seat. I do the tutorial, and 2 minutes later, I do my brain dump. I get all the equations I need, and map the 47 processes.

Ok test starts: Without giving away the test secrets, it pretty much was the same way everyone who has passed it describes it. Lots of situational, not very many questions above 3 lines. A lot of straight forward questions. It didn't seem as noisy as some of the mock tests I took that give you a story. Did have several questions were there were 2 good answers and two "wack" answers.

Lots of procurement, quality, risk questions. Lots of EV, I had a few CPM, a few dependency, lots of Tuckman stuff, a bit of Motivational/Organizational theory, heavy change control questions, some ITTO stuff and charts. It is a broad test that is all I have to say, PMI covers everything in PM on the PMP test.

So I didn't take any bathroom breaks or anything like that, I just got up stretched, and then went back at it. It felt like I spent about 1:30 minutes on each question. I marked about 30 for review. By the time I was done with my first pass, I had 15 minutes left. When through, I think I only changed 3 answers, and let time expire. I did the survey, and then pressed complete. I saw the grey screen of death, closed my eyes and prayed to Jesus that I passed. My heart was pumping in my chest, what a rush! I looked up, and it said Congratulations! I throw my hand in the air, and did a mental..WOOHOO! I wouldn't yell in the test center, come on!

I left the computer, went to the Prometric attendant, they printed out my result and notarized it, and gave it to me. Now I can put three cool letter after my name, PMP.

So, if you apply yourself, and study hard you can pass this. It is a difficult test, and if you blow off studying you WILL NOT pass it. You don't need to spend big bucks, Just get the PMBOK and whatever supplement book you need, and go to YouTube and subscribe to iZenBridge and you'll do alright. I hope this helps you out for your test!

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Congratulations on your PMP.