First 15 min


I am appearing PMP exam next week.
I understand from forums that there is 15 min time to write the
Brain dump on the paper provided by exam center.

is this 15 min part of initial introduction ? is the introduction
manual based (next slide) or a complete video.

appreciate a detail insight on this.

Thanks for your time in advance.

Sunil galam

Hello Sunny,

Once you enter the exam room, you can use additional first 15 minutes to see PMP exam tutorial. It’s like most of the tutorial you find in various website i.e. text, pictures, next button, previous button etc. If you have tried recommended mock test you might skip it too as there is nothing that new to learn there, the exam interface is very friendly and you will understand without actually going into the tutorial.

PMP exam is of 4 hours with timer. The start tutorial is outside this time i.e. you will get additional first 15 minutes if you want to go though the tutorial. Once you exit the tutorial (even earlier than 15 minutes), your exam clock with start.

Wish you good luck for the exam, let me know if you have ay further questions.

Thanks & Regards,
Mohit Kumar (PMP)

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I would suggest, you can see this video before going to take the Exam. ( Tutorial Screen @ Prometric Centre) 

So most of them will utilize this time for writing notes/Forula (Braindump) which is used during the exam.





dear mohit & mani, my sincere thanks.