Finish-to-start question


I have a question regarding the "finish-to-start" relationship:

"A schedule activity may begin 10 days before the predecessor activity finishes."

Why this is an example of "finish-to-start" relationship? The successor actually starts 10 days before the predecessor finishes, not that the successor starts after the predecessor finishes. So I am very confused here.

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When predecessor finishes or completes then only successor activity will start.
Precedence Diagramming Method incorporates four kinds of dependencies or logical predecessor-successor relationships:
You are in confusion so, I am Telling only about Finish-to-start relationship.

Finish-to-Start: Until the predecessor activity is complete, the successor activity cannot start.

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Successor activity is allowed to start early, and it is pertinent to Finish-to-Start type support, which is a most basic connection between activities. A Lead enables successor activity to begin soon.And also you can refer the follow link which showcase the relationship of the finish to start relationship with diagramatically.