Finally ... I am PMP Certified

 Hello All,

I've been a silence reader for almost 1 year since registering myself on this great forums. I was accidently found this forum while searching for a material on preparing my PMP exam. 

Today.... after a long period of study times... finally I am now PMP certified... just want to share on what I did for preparing for this exams

Books : 
1. Rita Mulcahy - PMP preparation book 6th Edition
2. Head First - PMP
3. PM Management Road Trip

I've attended  the Prep-Cast PMP online class ( for getting the compulsary 35 hours PDU. I'm not dwell too much into the material provided on this online class as I am not the person who can concentrate just by viewing and listening to the video materials provided. 
Once I received the required PDU's, I registered myself with PMI to be its members and submitting the eligibility applications for the exam. Without any issue, my application was approved and I have 1 year to pass for the exam. 

To cut the long story short, my exams date was delayed for a quite sometimes as I have to juggle between my on-going projects and personal life. But the desire for completing the exam was never stopped and between the times, I still doing my readings and preparing my study notes.

I've started with Head First PMP book as I want to learn the basic things about PMP is all about. This book is good in defining some terms in project management as compared to PMBOK and Rita's. But to prepare my pmp just on this book could be disastorous so after I get used to the general concept and idea of PMP, I'm started to read Rita's book.

Rita's book is good on explaining any specific process and its interrelations with other processes. I am getting a better idea how to relate between input/output of any process to another processes. While the PM Management road trips is good on preparing me to answer the questions which related directly to PMBOK Methodologies.

After 6 - 7 months of doing my reading and kept up with my working demands, I have a courage to take some free tests online.  

The results of my tests are as below : 

1. PM Study 1 = 70 (1st Try); 72 (2nd Try)
2. PM Study 4 = 72 
3. Head First  = 84 ( 1st Try); 86 (2nd Try)

As of all tests are above 70 marks average, I have confidence for taking the exams and all these while, I am not really read PMBOK, just using it for some terms reference. 

And today, after 9 months of preparations, including 1 cancelled exams due to my fault of not bringing the proper ID identifications. Thank God, I am now PMP Certified. Thanks to all contributers on this forums especially on the notes and process games. It's really helped me a lot in memorizing some ITT.

To all PMP aspirants, the exams is not that difficult if you can understand the whole concept of PMBOK and the required skills for being a good Project Manager. .......


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Congratulations on your PMP.

HOw did you find RoadTrip. Is it worth buying ?



RoadTrip does not work admin no more.





 Hi admin ... thanks ... the books was handed over by my colleague who purchased it before .. but im not sure how to get it anymore as Ive been informed the website is no longer active.

The books is almost identical to PMBOK but the way they deliver the informations is more attractive compared to the straight forward PMBOK ..... just my 2cent...