Finally Hard Work Paid on 9th April

 Hi All,

I would like to thanks God, my Family and PMZilla on passing my PMP exam. 

It took me 4 month since get trained and certified, during this period reviewing pmzilla really give me road map.

Here my prepariation......

As i started mock on March first week after reading (PMBOK, RITA-2times)...I was getting between 67-75%....but on 29th March, when i shifted my home to different place due to some reason..and was busy on shifting...and coun't able to study for 2-3Days....(Biggest Mistake)....As resulted my score starting failing to low....even in some test (BrainBook 50Q- 50% on 3rd April), 

As my study place got changed..taken some time to sattle myself in new condition.........But as i was prepared well suficient..I was confident would be able to over come from this.....and then on Good Full Mock ( I was able to score 70% (however it was still short about 5-7%)........

I would say last 2 Day is important before exam...wrap up the things (Theory, PM Power, Comm Type, Team stage, Contract Type, Charts, LifeCyle..etc) as these would be easy if you know and would be solved in within 10 sec if you know...and count of such question 10-15%

LL ---> Never do any big change in Study plan or study break near exam time.

Good Simulation Exam --> PMSTUDY, HeadFirst, BrainBok, PMBootCamp, Tech360(very easy but still good), 

Suggestion --> Never retake any mock exam once you taken it...As PMP don't give us second chance(not my line :))....But always refer for correct or wrong that you would be better ready for next Mock test...Or if you are taking it again...don't put it in your progress Bar. (someone can have different view.....i will not differ with them) 

At Last.... Rajesh Nayer Notes...Print it and review it along with your reqular ready (before 1 week to exam)

thank You,

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Congratulations on your PMP. Thanks for posting here.