Finally decided to get my PMP Cert

“Procrastination is the mother of all laziness.”

At least in my case wanted to get a PMP to improve my overall career growth. Initially during my consulting days this was a very hot topic and very necessary increase those $$ in your hourly rate.  Did a lot of prep for this, reading and digesting the PIMBOK as it if it was the only source of food during famine.

Somehow done the lane ran out of steam. Then a suddenly decided “Man it is good to have a PMP feather on my Cap”.

Completed and submitted my application for review keeping my finger crossed. I am sure my anxiety levels were the highest during this eligibility results phase. Cannot count how many times I must have logged to check the result.  Finally, Phew got the wonderful message “Congratulations! Your PMP® application is complete and has been approved”.

Now starts the real adventure ….

So my fellow travelers and companions .Can you please help me navigate this adventurous process of passing the exam by letting me know what is the best way to approach this adventure…

I am planning to write this exam in 3 weeks. I have decided to devote at least 3 hours daily for this preparation.

… please share with me your erudite suggestions tips and recommendations…

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You do realise that 3 weeks is a very short prep time right? What do you have planned so far and what have you completed? What resources are you using?

give it 5 to 6 weeks , reasonable amount of time