Finally cleared PMP exam today - 16 Dec 2010... :)

Hi Guys,

Finally i cleared my pmp exam today, it was lengthy and tiring.. i took 3 and half hours to complete it.

Will let you know my LL this weekend..



Shiv,  PMP


Here's my lessons learnt and stratery


Books read - Rita (read 3 times) and PMBOK (4 times)

The last revision of both the books was done a week before the exam.


Duration– 3 months


Study pattern - I used to study for 3 hours on weekdays and on weekends on average spent 12 hours.


Chapter wise Tests –Started with chapter wise tests and the end of second revision, started with Kim Heldman book, these were excellent. was scoring around 70% average. And revised Rita's exercises again and was scoring above 80% in most of the chapters. My weak area was Risk management where I was scoring 65-70% in both the books. So revised this chapter from both the books again.


Practice Tests taken (In order)

1. Andy Crowe - 83%

2. Oliver 75 - 71%

3. Oliver 175 - 75%

4. PM Study 1 - 79%

5. Head First - 86%

6. PM Study 3 - 85%

7. Edwel - 81%


Once I was done with these tests, I did a final revision of both the books and also the Glossary of PMBOK (this is important).


D Day-

Exam was scheduled at 9.00 AM, reached the  prometric center at 8.30. Had to keep all my stuff in a locker. And they let me enter the exam center by 9.00.

I did a brain dump of all the formulas and also finished the tutorial in 10 minutes. Started with the exam. The questions were neither easy nor difficult although they were lengthy. Took a break after every one hour. And during the last break, i had completed 200 questions, and had marked 33 questions. So during the last half an hour, I completed all the marked ones. I was confident of getting thru, but you can never know the outcome. I clicked on 'End Exam'. And it asked me to fill up some survey questions which I didn’t take up. And clicked on 'End Survey'. For the next 30 seconds my heart was pounding. Then came the famous tag ‘Congrats for clearing PMP.... '...and I was quite relieved. And all the 3 months efforts were fruitful...


Lessons learnt and other pointers.

1. Rita's book is excellent but she has not given much focus on ITTOs and there was a negative tone throughout  the book.

2. I should have read Head First PMP first, since it would let me grasps ideas and concepts much easily.

3. Taking the PM Study tests are important. This will give a feel of the exam.

4. Exam's difficulty level was in between Rita's questions and PM Study test's questions and it was lengthy.

5. Be positive when you are in the preparation stage, there will be a lot of hype about the exam's toughness.  As long as you are prepared well, and have the right amount of experience, there’s no need to worry much, you will get thru.

6. Taking breaks during the exam is very important, it will refresh your mind and you can concentrate better.

7. You need to practice a lot of sample tests and most of the sample tests are available for free from internet.

8. Getting to know lessons learnt from other PMP passed candidates is quite important.

9. Memorize all the ITTOs


Overall, it was an amazing journey.  Now I can relax on evenings and on weekends :)



Shiv, PMP

Congrats on your success

Welcome to the club...


I would also like to share my own lessons learned from the past:

I hope you will find it useful!