Finally cleared PMP EXAM on 16-08-2011 On first attempt


Hi Friends,

First of all thanks a lot to the and the owner of this website and forum. It really helps for the preparation. Then I would like to thanks to my family members, GOD, friends and wife for supporting me always because during these period I really didn’t gave my time to them.

Finally today I have cleared my PMP Certification Exam, my name is Gunjan Maheshwari and I am working in an IT company. I had attended the training in the month of April 2011 then immediately I had started my preparation, due to some family issue after two weeks I need to break my preparation then from 21th May I had started again. I had submitted my examination fees on 11th June then my application went for audit process, but luckily my process took only 2 weeks and I got green signal from PMI.

Then I started again for my exam preparation, I didn’t take any leave from my office because of some urgent releases, I normally spend 8-14 hours on every Saturday-Sunday. From last 2-3 weeks, I was spending 12-16 hours on every Saturday and Sunday. In week days I tried to manage for 1-2 hours maximum in a day.

I referred below books:

3-4 times PMBOK Version 4

2 times Rita Mulcahy's Book

1 time Head First PMP

2-3 times PM Road Trip

As per my experience PMBOK and PM road Trip are best of the best for the beginners. Then concept wise Rita is best, it’s little bit more complex than the others (PMBOK and PM Road Trip). Head First PMP is OK. I would say focus more to clear your concepts.

Initially I used to score only 45-55% in Rita’s fast track and other exams from NET, I was very depressed during that time, but I improve myself and read more and more and finally able to make a good score. Below exams I referred:

- (I would say this is the best one, during my last preparation I used to score 70-82%)

-      Rita Mulcahy's book and fast track was really helpful. (45-55% then at last 85-95%, 3-4 times)

-      175 and 75 (On Net) questions of oliver (55-75%)

-      Headfirst 200 questions + books questions (55-75%)

-      Tutorials point (65-85%)

-      Certification Mock Exam Preparation

-      Some other materials from Google and torrents

Exam Day

I was reading my notes, sometimes PMBOK, Rita to remember ITTO. Unfortunately my memory not that much sharp, so at the last time also I remember only Page 43 chart of PMBOK but I was not able to remember full ITTO. After finishing all the formalities like a security, identify proofs (pan card and driving license) I went for the exam. I put down page 43, EVM formulas within 10 minutes on paper in the exam, it really helps.

The exam is tough…because it really it find your knowledge gaps. You need to be conceptually very strong for your exam. In my test mostly questions are from RISK mgm, very few numerical questions let say 5-7 only. I read a lot of question from net and torrent but I would say I really not able to find a single question among them. But yes conceptually all are from PMBOK, Rita, PM Road trip. I was remembering my 3-4 months preparation which I did in my home. I took one break after 2:20 hours. I finished my exam in 2:35 hours but then I was checking my all marked question. I marked around 80 questions for review. Then I started my review to those questions and reduce it to 20-25 questions, now the time was around 3:45. I revised my marked questions again and reduce it to 10-12 questions now the time was 3:58, after 2 minutes the pop comes that your time is over.  Now I was just praying and remembering my all family members and good friends. There was white screen for around 2 minutes. Then there was a 9 questions for survey. Which I filled again there was the white screen. I though may be I failed that’s why this survey and white screens are coming. But then after another two minutes the white/blue screen flashed with “Congratulations” you PASS....YAHOOO....I was very happy finally I made it. I recollected all the hard work, not spending sufficient time with my family, wife and friends. Special thanks to my family for helping me achieve this.

Overall a very nice experience!! Glad I took the exam and become a PMP now:-)


 Gunjan Maheshwari, PMP

 Hearty congratulations, I am sure you earned it. It would be nice if you could share some of your exam material / 200 questions.