Finally cleared PMP on 2nd November


I have finally cleared my PMP on 2nd November 2015 ( 3 MP's and 2 P).  Its like a dream come true. I always used to read post from this site and I owe it to you all for all the support and help that was provided through valuable information that were posted on this site.

Time Taken for Preperation: 3 Months ( Aug to Oct 2015)

Material Used: PMBOK, Rita, Head first

Training: EPMC (

Methodology used:

  • Read Head first and Rita Once just along with PMBOK to clear my concepts and GAP.
  • PMBOK was read multiple times till I cleared the exam. PMBOK reading intially took me 20 days and gradually got redued to 1 week,  and during last week of exam I could complete PMBOK in just 3 days.
  • Appeared multiple test as below.
    • Rita chapter test ( AUG ) : Scored between 65 to 70%
    • Simply Learn Free test (AUG) : Scored 65%
    • Olive Lehman 75 Q (SEP) : Scored 65%
    • PMSTUDY 4 test ( OCT- Each test in a week): Scored between 79 to 85%
    • 4 EPMC TEST ( (OCT month): These are good quality questions and tougher than actual PMP exam. Scored 62% in first 2 exams, and scored 73% in last 2 exams, about week before my scheduled exam date. These exams helped me a lot to understand all GAPS and each and every section of PMBOK in detail.
  • Mock test preparation is very vital and it helps you to work on your weakness and GAPS. I have appeared over 2500 Questions
  • Pay special attention to initiation and closing processes, as these are the once many of us neglect  and loose on the scores.
  • I found Process diagram in PMBOK very useful and helped me to mind map and inegrate all 47 processes.

Few Personal learnings and suggestions:

1. Always keep the "I CAN DO" attitude. Believing in yourself is very important.

2. Stay focused and keep a time line. I would say Preparing for PMP should be handled like a Project with proper planning, Execution , M&C and NEVER EVER delay the closing which is very important even for PMP exam.

3. You need to fight your own battle. Some thing that works for other may not work for you and you need to find your own way out. Never take too many suggestion and even if you take them understand what is feasible and that would work for you.

4. Donot refer too many material, or use too many source of free test, as you tend to loose focus.

5. Finally, keep the GOAL constantly  in you mind & heart and I would say dream about it :) & you will definetly succeed.

Wish You ALL The Best for your PMP preparation!!!!!













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Congratulations, and a fine write-up for all to read.

My favorites in your points were points #2 and #3.

#2  To paraphrase what you said:  Passing the PMP is a Project.  

It really is a temporary endeavor producing a product or service.  I am surprised when helping PMP students with my PMP Test Prep Services that they ask me how they should study and how they should prepare.  I tell them, it's a project.  Plan "passing the PMP" as if it were a project, because it is a project.

#3  "You need to fight your own battle."  Dinesh, I love that description.

We are all different, we come from different backgrounds, different cultures, different learning styles.  Some of us are good with math, some of us have terrific a terrific memory.  Some are good with tests, some bad with testing.

PMP students need to "fight your own battle".  That's what I tell my students.

Dinesh, again, congratulations to you.  And also, the many people reading your initial comment have received some very good advice.

Best Wishes on Using Your PMP Certification,

Richard Kraneis, PMP
Chicago, IL  USA
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Thank You Richard :). I will be happy if that would be useful for anyone. I have gained lot from others posting and would definely like to give what ever best I can and contribute to this forum.

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Congratulations on your PMP> !. Thanks for posting here.

Thank You! :)

HI ,

Congratulations on passing the exam.

Can you please tell where did you get to do more than 2500 questions. were these all free questions? i am struggling to find practice questions online :(