Few Days to left to give exam

I have only few days to left for exam . I have gone through PMBOk and Rita

And given the test of Head First PMPby Jennifer Greene, PMP and Andrew Stellman, PMP.

And got 70% . Please suggest me what exam i should go for and other preparation tips


I have a week to go to. I plan to take PMStudy and couple of more free exams and then just revision of notes.

What is your strategy going to be

Hi Rajesh,

My personnel advice is that don’t be monotonous when it comes to practice Mock exam. I am not sure how many days you have before PMP, please try the FREE options I have in my List:
Oliver Lehmann – 75Q
PMPForSure – 50Q
SkillSign – 50Q
ExamCentral – 200Q
Headfirst – 200Q
PMStudy Free – 200Q
ExamCentral – 200Q
PMZilla – 75 Tough Q

Don’t just concentrate on tricky questions, practice all type of questions. In PMP around 80% of questions would be around IITO so make sure you revise IITO. All the best!

Saket, PMP


Best of luck rajesh. i hope you ace it.

Thanks sakat for the web sites. i plan to practice them after a week as i still have a 3 chapters left to read.

iam following PMBOK 4 and RIta. but for some reason iam dead scared!!

when i read teh chapters they make sense. i am not memorizing. but when iam done and move on to the next chapter it seems i dont remember or know the previous chapter so well. is this feeling normal? how should i be studying? how much should i memorize?

iam getting stressed and lossing confidence.

could you guys plz help me out? guide me? share a strategy?

my emailis sadiaziawan@gmail.com 

An injured, hungry and wounded man cannot climb a mountain and if he tries the same, he was immature.

Why do you have so much hurry for the PMP exam, why not have patience, prepare well and once the confidence builds appear for the exam? Is someone forcing you to give PMP exam without preparations?    ------  Don’t answer me, question yourself and answer!

I would say, read books especially PMBOK (2-3 times) and one reference like Rita, Kim, Andy (1-2 times), this activity takes around 2 months. Once you are comfortable with PMP concepts spent time like 30-40 days in practicing PMP questions and mock test.

I am done with my advice, I keep saying - PMP exam is not for kids, its your call now. All the best!

Saket, PMP