Feb 2012 PMP exam - failed

I failed the PMP exam, by a pretty bad margin :(  3 sections 'Below Proficient', 2 sections Moderate.

I focused the bulk of my study material on Rita's 7th Edition Prep guide, and Rita's 1500 PMP question bank software application.  The 1500 question bank gave me a false sense of security.

As I have spent so much money already on these prep material, I will continue with the Rita prep guide, but will look into PMZilla's (and/or 1 other site's) question bank...

My study approach was flawed:

- As I did a BA certificate, some of the material was familiar to me, so I 'filtered' some of the study material even further, saying 'yes, I know this' ... Example: Forming/Storming/etc.  

- I may have discounted too much of the study guide, saying 'yep, I know this, that's the keyword there, I know the definition'.  Yep, I know in that situation, I do this.


The question bank is flawed

- It has many of the same questions (if not all) from the study guide.

- The challenging/wordy questions on the exam did not feel anywhere near as easy as the ones in the question bank.

- From this article, they are correct. http://www.pmchamp.com/pmp-exam-passing-score-in-2010/  ... I was getting in the neighbourhood of 70-80% pass rates in the simulator, having ran through it about 5-7 times (2-4 hours each!)

- The question bank had nowhere near as many EV questions as on the exam, despite the prep guide stating there's probably 10-12 EV questions.


I utilized the full 4 hours - time flew by, so I'm not sure how people were able to get through all the questions in about 2.5 hours, etc...


Any and all *specific* tips/recommendations would be greatly appreciated.  I'm very bummed out about my performance on the exam.

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Based on what you have written here. I would suggest following

  • Buy PMZIlla book and fill your knowledge gaps

  • Read PMBOK and Rita after that take the PMZilla test again and Then take 1 test from PMstudy or pmperfect. YOU should score 70% or above

  • Continue to read Rita and take some tests

After this I am sure you would clear


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 Try again and you'll be able oneday to get through all the questions in less than 2 hours. Oneday.. Fred from Web Design Nottingham