Failed PMP today (4 MP + 1 BP) advice needed

Hi Team

Unfortuantely Today I failed my PMP exam


Initiating = Moderatley Proficient

Planning = Moderately Profcient 

Executing = Moderately Proficient

Monitor&Control = Below Proficient

Closing = Moderately Proficient

Study Plan: duration 3 months

Rita Book (read once and skimmed over second time for review)

Rita End of chapter test questions(65-85%) 

Rita Fast Track Exam simulation software(65%)

Reviewed what I got wrong and retested on the Process groups ~20 questions per group (~ 75-80%)

PMP exam Analysis

Just barely completed exam on time, took entire 4 hours with 2 short pee breaks. but seems like I just missed a passing score.

The exam seemed to ask the same types of questions over a few times, not sure if this is a result of the exam being computer adaptive??? does anyone have any thoughts on this, for example lets say you answer a question does the computer generate the next question based on the answer submited from the previous question??

Overall what I took away was that there needed to be a clear understand of the core concepts. I seem to recall many questions on EVM calculations which I struggled on. In addition I recall alot of questions on Quality and Risk.   

Advice needed

Should I continue with the same study approach and just focus on the M&C knowelege area?? Any suggestions??






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Lack of preparation is the single most reason for majority to fail PMP exam. Dont worry about how the exam software is structured. Just prepare well and appear next time. Read this.

What to do if you Fail PMP Exam in first attempt

Thanks for the link.

So sorry about that and shake it off soo you can be better prepared on your next sitting, if i may ask how many practice test did you give in all?


Thanks for the response Latunde

I practiced

1 full 200 question Simulated Exam(Ritas Exam simulation software)

20 questions Initiating (Ritas Exam simulation software)

20 questions Planning (Ritas Exam simulation software)

20 questions Executing  (Ritas Exam simulation software)

20 questions M&C (Ritas Exam simulation software)

20 questions Closing  (Ritas Exam simulation software)

also exam questions at the end of each chapter in Ritas book.




I will strongly advise you take more tests and concentrate on your weak areas.

all the best

Total is 300 questions that you did, I think you don't study enough, you should practice more, study hard, to study your gap.

You should: buy 3 pmstudy(included 1 freee). Address which knowledge you scored below 75%, and improve which scored higher 75%.

Practice more  on Rita Fasttrack, learly understand what is still ambiguous.

Good luck!!!

Try PMStudy Free & Paid exam. Also try PMP4Sure Free 100 Questions. Prepare well and try these exams and you can keep these score as your benchmark.