Failed PMP the second time

I am very disappointed today, I failed PMP the second time. I failed in January this year and it was because of hurry, I just appeared for the PMP after a month I attended PMP training.

Not sure what went wrong this time. I prepared over 4 months. I referred Rita book, read PMBOK couple of times. Practiced all good mock test as I saw in this forum. Practiced Rita Fast track and scored a like 75-80% and in Super PMP also 75%. Bought PMStudy all test and secured 75-80% in it too. Although it has silly and confusing english and many repeated question but I though it was close to pmp exam as people said here.

May be this year is not good for me, things are not happening good from the year start itself. I am going to try for PMP next year now. Its enough now, I cannot accept 3 below proficient after so good study and good confidence.

PMP seekers here, please start believing in luck and fate, I have started believing in it----No man, my luck is bad, all the best to you all!

Not in mood to think for PMP now, good bye.

kunal rao

Thanks for sharing your story, I'm sure you will find success on your third shot!

Your scores look good, and don't know why you didnt clear, it must have been a mighty close call.

You may want to look into a classroom prep for your third try.

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Sometimes questions in real exam are more of common sense. Its possible that you could have failed by a very narrow margin.  Don't give up. Keep in touch with PMP and whenever you are ready give the real exam

On positive side, you know how the real exam questions are , your preparation will be optimum and also you will not be wasting time on too many mock exams.

However I will recommend that if possible, do buy PMZilla questions as they are generally found very helpful when people fail the PMP Exam.





I kind of agree with admin. Dont give your third attempt in impulse else there will be an embargo of one year.


Take rest. Start thinking from the PMI way. Read other things like Harvard Business Review, books on management et al.


The perspective to answer the way PMI wants need to be developed. This is easier said than done. You might want to read journals and questions on That would help you in developing an insight.


Think, think and then re-think before taking the plunge.

All the best...



Found this forum by google search today. I have the same story like you that happened last month. I used the same study materials and mock test you tried and secured almost the same. It’s really sad to hear this, I am also a failed candidate so I can feel the pain you have.