Failed PMP exam today - any tips??

Hi all,

First, thank you PMZilla for the great forum...very inspirational to see so many great people sharing their experience and knowledge here...

Unfortunately, I didnt make it today!!   For my preperation, I went through PMBOK once, and Rita twice and did about 6 mock exams from PMFastrack, Lehmann, Head First, PM Study and Scordo.  I was scoring average 70-75% in all...perhaps it wasn't enough!!  Really frustrated and disappointed! 

I have 3 weeks left for the 1 year expiry period I'm not loosing hope and will try it again. Any tips or help would be greatly appreciated. 



Sorry to hear that you could not it in the exam. But you still have time to give another attempt. I can give my approach of PMP Preparation. When we go through PMBOK and PMP Rita and try to memorize the Processes and their ITTOs , They have to be sequenced as they are performed. For Example, If we need to know what goes in - performed-comes out for Develop PM Plan, There has to be two processes completed for that.

1. Develop project charter

2. Identify Stakeholders. if you look at the chart, these two are initiating processes that must be done before thinking about panning. I am sure you would have followed a process similar to this. You can do one complete review of the processes again and see if you are able to bring the chart to the paper quickly. Once this is done, you should be able to get most of the questions correctly. Many times, when we sit for final exam, even the simple things may seem tough and confusing.

All the best for the next attempt.



Keep going. What was your score?

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 It’s hard time!!

Have you got that entire percentage in pmstudy/other exam on the first attempt?  That is crucial cause for 2nd attempt surprise Element would not be there.

And what problem you faced in the exam?  actual qns were lengthy/difficult than scordo/pmstudy or Rita?

If you got those numbers on first attempt, I would suggest go with another try by next one month.

You can pass!!! Best of luck …