Failed PMP exam second time

Hi All,

Sad to say i failed PMP second time with 1P,2MP and 2BP. Really devasted at the moment and feeling really ashamed of myself. I read PMBOK 2times,Head first PMP once, Rita once and abhishek's note couple of times. My hectic work schedule hardly allows me to study 2hr max each day.

But this time, my hands and brain froze in the last 60min of the exam because of suddenly remembering my 1st attempt results. I could hardly solve 40 questions in last 60minutes and was not able to complete 5questions by the end of the test when I had completed nearly 160questions by end of 3hr mark. Seems like I had a panic attack and by the end of the exam my hands were trembling . Think that affected my performance as well.

Thanks to all members who kept posting all their experiences and the tips and tricks. Anyways congrats to all who have successfully passed till now. Guess PMP certification is not for me and I have decided to end my PMP journey as I dont think I can take a 3rd failure. I need to seriously think of some other certification to enhance my skills now.

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Read this post so that you are well prepared and eliminate any chance of failing the PMP exam again. 

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It is strange to see fail with 1P,2MP and 2BP.

What is the 2BP on?

Monitoring and Controlling?




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I suggest you should try to appeal.

PMI Appeals Procedure

Hi Anup,

I understand your feeling but only request you please try another time.

Should you need any help please let me know.

Best Regards

Malik P. Eng., PMP 

Hi Anup,


Don't think back man.   You need to study more.  That 2hours rita 1 time is not enough.

You will get bore studying same stuff again and again like PMBOK, RITA...  

Instead of this you need try to see the otherside of the mirror.  

I.e. spend time on Discussion forums.  Cover your gaps while studying post. 

PMZILLA, PMStudyCircle and DEEPFriedBrainProject posts.  That will help a lot.

I am also doing samething know.  I am planning to write in July or Aug.


Bye the bye when or going to expire your eligibility period.  You need atleast 3 to 4 months to study daily l2 hours. You need to spend more hours.  If you have job.  you need to plan