Failed PMP exam on January 20th

 Took the PMP on Friday the 20th and scored proficient in 3 of 5 categories and not proficient in 2.  I was disappointed but not shocked after going through the exam.  This thing was tough!  I've been in IT PM for 8 years and this thing kicked my butt.  My studies started last August for about 5 hours per week and 10 hours per week for 3 weeks leading up to the exam date.

I have until late June to re-take but need to re-think my study strategy.  I'm afraid I concentrated too much on practice exams as I was socring well on those (PM Study and Oliver) and need to focus more on understanding the various topics.  I exclusively studied through PMBOK (v. 4) and felt I had a good understanding for most of the concepts.  I believe I just need to take more time reviewing, reading, re-reading, and re-reviewing the PMBOK concepts.  Any thoughts on this strategy?  I would love to hear from those who passed on a second attempt.  After using PM study and Oliver I don't know if there is an accurate practice test product out there.  I need to treat this more like one of my grad school exams than a certification exam.  

Here's what I saw on the exam...

Very tiring (my MCSE exams were usually ~70 questions so I did hit a wall at about 120)

Finished with reviewing with about 5 minutes to spare.

Brief questions (very few were over a paragraph)

Hammered CPI and SPI formula usage

A few ETC and EAC questions

Lots of Critical Path questions with twist and turns thrown in

Lots of Risk and Qualtiy (lots of overlap in these areas).

Only one question that related to ethics

Very little ITTO's

Lots of initiation questions

Lots of organizational questions.

Some Theory questions (X, Y, etc.)

A good 90% of the questions had 2 answer options to throw out right away.  The other 2 options were very, very plausible. Different questions on the same subject would be very similar but have different answer options.  It would make your re-think the question you were on plus the similar ones you'd already answered.  


 Give your self a week time and start preparing again, thats what I did, Starting writing and try understand the processes; that will help you a lot.Since you scored 3 proficient scores you should ace it next time. Take the PMP test as regular test and failing is not the end of it. Its pritty common, Just think that if so manny people can do, you can do it as well.


Good Luck, Relax and start again.


Hope you will clear it soon and you will be really happy like me.