Failed PMP Exam 21 /12/ 2010

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Unfortunately I failed my exam on 3rd week of december . I would highly appreciate if someone could take a look in my observations and guide me where i could be wrong  ? and suggest me  for further steps :

Thanks in Advance !

1.Just after finishing the training workshop in Sept  year 2010 , i collected all the relevant preparation material that was suggested in the workshop e.g  PMBOK , Rita's Book, Ritas Fastrack  V 6  Mock exams simulation software , Head First Book etc.
2. First i gave around 10 days to Head first and completed all the exercises without any hassle.
3. Then i read Rita and PMBOK simultaneously ,  each chapter parellely and prepare my own notes those i found most important in both books . ( Approx 20 days )
4. Further i picked up the Rita's Exam simulation software and went through all the knowledge areas and process groups and scored between 68 to 80 % and specially Professional & Social scored above 90 % (Around 12 Days )
5. After finishing Mock exams i again took a quick revision in all 3 books and revised Mind Maps (Around 1 week )
6. Just before PMP exam , finished Head first Final exam with passing score 86 %.
7. Final Exam Day ; During exam test i was feeling quite ok and answered most of the questions in time limit ;
First half 2 Hours     ; answered around 100 questions with Marking of further review 30 questions .
Second half 2 hours ; Completed rest of the ques. But didn't got the time in last to go through my marked ques.
Result : Moderate Proficient ( Initiation , Execution , Closing ) , Below Proficient ( Professional & Social res, M & C, Planning ).
The result totally shaken me and left me clueless and now needed your opinion and support.

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you did good prep, really unfortunate that you could not clear it...few tips i can share:

-read Rita 2-3 times, everytime you must do questions at the end of each chapter
-head first questions are simple and cannot be compared with real exam Q's. head first only helps in understanding concepts.
-attempt online exam at:
-refer this web site for understanding Critical path, EVM etc:

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Hey ,

Your's tips and comments are higly appreciated .






a)Read PMBOK twice and glossary of PMBOK. You have to be really comfortable with ITO as you can lot of questions related to ITO

b) Read Quality and Risk in very detail

c) Take PMstudy 3 paid exams +1 free

Thank you for your useful tips .


HOw about your ITTOs preparation? did u memorize them correctely or understand them in detail coz that will put you right above the passing score....


It happens. Just keep your focus and continue to work thru all the material you have collected and exercises.

Just my opnion is - go thru PMBOK now twice insted of spending more time on other material. Initially PMBOK is tough to understand so you need to refer other material to get the basic concepts. Once you are thru this phase, just the required concepts from PMBOK is enough for you to clear the exam.

I just completed my exam ysterday and concentrated mostly on PMBOK for the past two weeks and questions.

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I agree with ganesh_pmp, saying that you should read PMBOK more. I have read PMBOK twice detailed and slowly read (at the beginning and in the last week before the exam) and fast read in the middle. I have also read Rita in between and constantly looked in Rita's book, but detailed read 1 week before the exam really helped me. You must have PMBOK in your finger and understand it.

I also recommend PMStudy exams, they are not very expencive,  but they are really most similar to real exam. And pracice a lot of questions - I think that no matter how much you read books, you should do at least 1000 questions to prepare your selfe to think in form of questions.

Good luck, U.

Dear Ganesh & all ,

Thanks a lot for your useful tips !, Hope i wud concentrate more on PMBOK though i had gone thorugh it thrice before .

1. Also i wud like to share here the fact of my 'Marked ques for review aroud (35 ques ) ' in the exam , those i did't find the time to go through them , so wat you will say ? the exam  I encoutered around 10 - 12 ques' those i never ever read before in PMBOK , Rita's , Head first etc . ? so i wonder if it happes to all ?

thanks ,