Failed PMP on 1st Try

Initiation - Moderately Proficient

Planning - Moderately Proficient

Executing - Below Proficient

Monitoring and Controlling - Below Proficient

Closing - Proficient


1. Was I even close to passing?

2. Next steps? Take a PMP Boot Camp or continue self study (RITA Book, FastTrack Exams, PM Study Exams, and PM Exam Simulator)

Any suggestions are much appreciated.

Thank you.


I can say that you can do it next time as you were very close to pass the Exam.

if you Got 4 Moderately Proficient and 1 Below Proficient, you would have passed the exam.

My advice is to only read the PMBOK again from cover to cover, then do 200 tough questions, and find your gaps. then fill those gaps through PMBOK. then do another 200 Questions. this way you will 100% PASS.

again, because you are 80% ready, i advice you not to go to other books other than PMBOK



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You were very near to clear the exam, and this mean you should not delay the next attempt for long.

There can be may reason of failing in PMP exam and you only can know which one is more appropriate for you.

1. Knowing concepts but get confuse when you see them in long scenario 

2. Not doing sufficient full length tests and got stressed during the real exam.

3. Everything looks good but reasult is not the one expected. In this case you need to think more since the reason itself is hidden.

Find out what went wrong. Once done, focus more on clearing the concepts and fixing the reason. Discussion about your queries here is one of the great way to learn, you can also explore some of the video content on PMP from here 






It lloks like you were close to certification. Sometimes they pass with below proficient rating also - 3 Facts About PMP Passing Score The best thing to in this situation is to find out why you failed. This might help you in finding out the reason - 12 Reasons Why People Fail the PMP Exam



I have written another article that talks about determining your own PMP Exam passing score. This will help you in your further prep.




Hi there

You were close to passing so you should try again as soon as you feel confident. For the timebeing, you can read these posts to help you decide whether to self study or use a training course.

You can also download our free app 'PMP Exam Mentor' for 1200 free questions, 688 flashcards, expert tips, content from the PMBOK itself and more!

Good luck!