Failed my first attempt - oh no I have to go through this again...

 I Failed the first attempt with 4BP and MP

I feel sad and depressed and I want to kill myself .....hehe ..just kidding.... it is what it is... i can't do anything about it...


 How did the exam go:

First 15 minutes :Started with writing the formals and the and page 43 on the pmbok

Exam starts….

The first 10 question I felt my mind freeze so I read the question may be 9 times to get it. I had no idea what happened to me. So I started to get better but because I wanted to make sure that I get the answers right, I spent a lot of time in each question so I guess something happened to me which didn’t happen to anyone, when I reached 80 questions, 2 hours where already passed.  I did those 80 questions very well but it was bad time management from my side. I wanted to make sure that understand the questions right


So I had to rush to solve the questions so from 80- to 160 I was trying to answer correctly

 and answers and from 160 to 200  I was not readying the questions properly.


After all of this bad experience in the exam  I had the feeling that I will pass, coz I did I felt I answered the questions very well specially for the first 80 J but it seems that didn’t work. So I click end exam and I failed. I wasn’t shocked .


The only thing I was thinking was ohh man I have to go through this again….i meant the studying period, time etc…




Headfirst –1x -  I believe I understand the concepts very well because of this book, specially the calculations etc..

PMBOK  - 2 x,  once deeply and the second time skimmed through it.

Pmp study notes dot com Mind maps : ITTO   - Great source  the ITTO  understand\memorize\visualize


Practice Exams:

RITA fast Track : between 65 to 70% 400 questions

PMPstudy: 55% the free exam 200 Questions

Headfirst 82%



PMP questions confusing, Ok I believe I understand the concept but when it comes to the exam questions, I doesn’t work for me


Example of confusing questions. So we all we all know what that the sponsor assigns the projects to the PM and signs on it, correct?


A sponsor tell you to start to work on a project, but the project charter in not complete, so possible answers:


A.Do you work with him to complete the  project Charter

B. Do you  wait until its gets the sponsor signature

C. You start to work on the project while the sponsor completes the project charter

D. start immediately to work on the project charter


so guess.... 


I hope I can prepare again and do the second attempt soon, suggestions of a another books, or should I just re read my books and do more questions



Hopefully answer is A. Because without a project charter you are not authorized to work in the project. Second you can't prepare Project Charter untill specifically told to do so. So you can help sponsor preparing the same s stated in option A.

If you remember some more questions pls write it here, we all will have discussion over it. 


Let see what Pawar Sir and KK says, they will be more authentic.






I cant tell you what the questions that were in the PMP exam, this will be unethical as per PMI, the question I mentioned above was a similar type logic but not the exact question.....sorry

 Dear Ali,

I understand the feelings associated with failing the PMP exams; considering the financial resources, time, effort, committment,............ all going down the drain in seconds. The feelings can be damaging if permitted for too long.

Permit me to say that, what matters the most is how fast and strong you can be on your feet again. Now you can understand the technicality of the exams based on this experience.

I think your greatest problem was timing. You can overcome this by taking series of 4 hours simulated mock tests. 

Please don't jettison the idea of re-taking the exams as quick as possible. Reschedule, read through PMBOK & Headfirst again and take more mock tests to increase your speed.

As per the question; you need a project charter to commence any project.

Good luck!.

 Thank you for your kind words... Im getting prepared again..


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 Thank you....

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