Failed First Attempt

Failed Today with 3 BP and 2 M. just got back from exam. feel disappointed..but want to next steps to clear pmp.  Thinking of bootcamp. Will they help to clear exam ? any they are expensive costs up to 2K (USD). please advice 

I felt like exam was easy, not that tough as I was doing I was feeling good..till the end came up.

I did probably 2000 questions mock tests, atleast 10 4 hour exams (mock). I am not sure what else other than attending boot camp.

These were my scores before talking exams. I ready for over 2 months heavily Rita, PMBOK, NAIR notes.  



 Don't sweat it.. This was your first attempt.. The good thing is you know the test format and what to expect. I would recommend reading the PMBOK and Rita's book one more time before bootcamp. That way you'll be more than prepared. I took PMStudy and failed.. So there is no way to avoid knowing the material..  I would recommend scoring 80+ % on mock exams before taking test again.

Thanks much. I remember you telling me to postpone, you are right about that. Q: Is boot camp really worth the m oney ? with hotel and stuff costs $2700-$2800.

 Hmm it depends on your learning.. If you need a structured, disciplined study approach- the bootcamp is the way to go. It helped me a lot.. I just advise you to do some studying beforehand.. So its more of a review than learning content for a first time

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I dont think you need any boot camp and dont waste more money, You are just short of confidence, but since you have seen the Real PMP exam, now the chances you will pass 2nd time are much higher

Read this. --- What to do if you Fail PMP Exam in first attempt

The key reason you have failed is because of inadequate preparation. Your mock tests scores are very low and I would not have gone for PMP exam with such low scores.  Dont sweat what happened, Just go through the same material and mock tests and now you should be scoring considerably higher, like in range of 70 to 85%. ... For every wrong answer , check the reason you got it wrong, just dont repeat the same mistake. If you do this for all mock tests, then I dont see why you would fail.